Potjiekos Competition


Potjiekos Group Competition

• Team building Group is divided into teams
• Potjie pots, gas stoves, ingredients provided
• Full briefing is given regarding the rules to be followed:
5 Minute briefing from chef | 10 Minutes to plan and create ingredients basket (selected from the harvest table) | 20 minutes prep time | up to 2 hours cooking time
• The extensive range of ingredients, sauces, herbs, etc… provides teams with the freedom to prepare the potjie to their specification.
• Teams are required to explain up-front what their potjies will taste like on completion and must create a marketing board for their meal
• Judging follows strict culinary guidelines and judging is done on taste/presentation / creative use of ingredients/time/teamwork/skill
• Participants eat their own creations, this is served with traditional salads and accompaniments (chef’s choice), and include dessert

Potjiekos Competition is R5500 for maximum 30 PAX

Ingredients @ R340 per person

For over 30 PAX we charge a surcharge of R 200 per person