Ice Cream Making


In groups of 3 make your own ice cream by choosing your own flavours and have a sundae-making competition with your colleagues.

• Team building group is divided into teams
• Ice cream makers, gas stoves, and ingredients are provided
• Full briefing is given regarding the rules to be followed: 10 – 15 Minute briefing and cooking demonstration | 15 – 20 minutes prep time to make the ice cream
• The extensive range of ingredients, condiments, sauces, alcohol, etc… provides teams with the freedom to flavour the ice cream to their specification.
• Teams are required to name and blend their ice cream
• Judging follows strict culinary guidelines, judging happens on taste / presentation / creative use of ingredients and name/description
• Participants eat their own creations

Our Ice cream making experience is R3500 for a maximum of 20 PAX