Milkshake Tasting


Irene Farm Activity – Available Monday – Friday only

Try a taster of each of our 5 delicious ranges of gourmet milkshakes made from our own farm-fresh milk.


Named after the most common South African cow herds:

Friesland              – Vanilla ice cream & Crushed Oreos

Ayshire                 – Seasonal berries, Honey & crushed macadamia praline

Nguni                    – Vanilla ice cream & kit kat

Afrikaner             – Fudge, Toffee Sauce & Marshmallows

Brahman              – Iced hot chocolate & crushed peanut praline


Above 40 PAX: Flavoured milk tasting (not milkshake tasting), informal/roaming setup (not served in trays)

Below 40 PAX: Try taster of our 5 delicious range of gourmet milkshakes representing our Authentic Farm

Farm Activity 

R150 per person
Maximum 40