Amooozing Race


The Amooozing Race is designed to engage participants with interactive, fun-filled activities that will bring every team member closer together. Complete with certificates, bandanas and prizes, this teambuilding offering is well worth it.


  • Individuals will be divided into maximum 6 teams, each team appointing a team leader.
  • Each team receives different coloured bandanas and a packet with their first clue, a visitor’s guide that includes a map of the property and a tree & bird guide. Be sure to refer to your guides for assistance!
  • There is a FAST FORWARD option available, where you skip all the clues and challenges and head straight to the finish line (if successful).
  • Each team will go off in intervals of 5 minutes.
  • Each team’s starting and finishing time will be captured and the winning team will be the team who did the Amooozing race in the least time.
  • Look out for the Amooozing race officials at various points.

Amooozing Race is R5500 for this experience for 30 PAX

For over 30 PAX we charge a surcharge of R 200 per person

Add a meal with your experience

Chef Choice @ R340 per person