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Food and wine is indeed a match made in Heaven. Wine is the supporting partner, aiding digestion and uplifting the flavours of finely prepared food.

Internationally acclaimed wine critic Andrew Jefford said, “Wine is the song of the earth. Only wine grapes, sensitively shepherded through fermentation, reflect their place of origin with nuanced exactitude, offering a sensual grid reference for the human nose and mouth to savour. Since no two places on the face of the earth are the same, every vineyard’s song is different.”

Jefford concludes, “Drinking wines of place brings us closer to our land and our planet, and listening to the song of the earth in this way is a precious moment in the adventure of life.”

With all good partnerships the match needs to be ideal, this has been our vision at African Pride Irene Country Lodge, Autograph Collection®

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Please note: In our endeavour to create a safe environment we have adopted a no cash policy whereby we do not operate with cash on the premises.

We accept all the major credit and debit cards.

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