Camdeboo Day Spa offers a full range of body and skin treatments. Our product ranges include:



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Fitting with the Irene tradition, Camdeboo Day Spa has developed its own signature product range, MILK. A range of unique rituals and treatments have been designed around MILK to give you a pure and wholesome experience.

MILK is good for relieving skin irritations, calming allergic reactions and also helps sooth skin conditions such as eczema and sunburn.

Milk product

Barbor treatments are designed to refresh and revitalise, tailor-made to suit your skin type.

Mama Mio Skincare
“Fit skin for life”

Mio Boob Tube+
Mio Liquid Yoga
Mama Mio Pregnanacy Boob Tube

SIX Sensational Skincare
SIX Sensational Skincare is a South African skincare brand that delivers in results and also ensures a memorable experience at the Camdeboo Day Spa

SIX Balancing Lotion & Soothing Lotion
SIX Eye & Lip Exfoliator
SIX Vitamin A Serum & Vitamin C Moisturising Cream

“For the love of skin”

Spalicious Muscle Relief Gel
Spalicious Fig & Pomegranate
Spalicious Cellulite Fix Kit